Is Dropshipping a sustainable income?

Hey guys,

It is now 2014 and the online market saturation has now exceeded any of our previous years, with most homes having a computer or laptop, or even mobile devices which can access the internet. This means that there is now millions and millions of users online shipping on websites such as Google store, amazon and eBay etc. There are also a lot of people and shops selling their products on these websites making an online income.

Drop-shipping is a method which people are using so they don’t have to hold any stock or have any over head costs to run their business, this means they are using wholesale suppliers, putting the items up for sale on various websites, in this example we will use eBay.

Business owner -> Lists item for sale on eBay -> Customer purchases item -> Business owner uses wholesale website to order item to customers address -> profit.

As you can see the above process is very easy and is not time consuming and costly as running a physical business or shop in the high street.

So you may be thinking, this sounds very interesting, how would I get started? The best way would be to pick up a course to learn the best way as finding suppliers and getting a decent wholesale price can be the most difficult part in the drop shipping process, and there are various ways and tricks to get these at a very low cost. A good course to look at is DS Domination and you can find a DS Domination Review here. The course covers everything you would need to get started, I personally use this course and also recommend it to my friends, my brother also uses the course and we both run successful eBay stores drop shipping items in the US, however I will not link to our stores as we like to keep the items we sell private as other users could then copy us and create even more competition.


To your success,

James Peterson


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